Frequently asked questions regarding straw bale home construction.

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What did it cost to build this straw bale house?

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Cost To Build

Where can I purchase wheat paste for using in clay and earth plasters?


Where can I get insurance for my straw bale home?

The above link will get you started. Here in New Mexico, I have been very pleased with the insurance I have for my straw bale house from Farm Bureau Insurance.

What are the pros and cons of building with straw bales?

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The pros and cons of building with straw bales

How do you install electrical wiring in straw bale walls?

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Installing Electrical Wiring In Straw Bale Walls

How to build a straw bale wall

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Building Straw Bale Walls

How do you choose and position windows for a straw bale house?

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Placing Windows In Straw Bale and Green Homes
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Green Building Tips

How are photovoltaic panels mounted to a corrugated metal roof?

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How To Mount Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels To A Corrugated Metal Roof

What are the advantages of building a green home?

A well-designed home has an essence that can be felt immediately. It comes from a variety of sensations—color, the quality of light, the scent of fresh air, the size and height of the rooms, and the quality of sound. Your home should be the most comfortable and pleasing place in your life. A beautiful and energy-efficient dwelling can bring tranquility to an otherwise fast-paced world. I am a designer and filmmaker and good design is what my job is about. I want to show you how you can build your dream home.
The absence of machines whirring and air ducts hissing brings a peaceful feeling. Insulated straw bale exterior walls and thermal mass interior walls of adobe or stone, replace the air conditioners that we always assumed were essential in this part of the country. This is green design. Getting back to basics and re-evaluating the building systems we take for granted is what building with awareness is all about.

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